• Fields of practice
    • We provide legal services in many areas of practice, including:

      • Commercial law
        In consideration with the nature of our work, and subject to the law, we are committed to provide comprehensive legal consultations, that cover all domains of law that have great impact on work operations.

      • Companies law
        Our experience with companies is broad. We represent our clients regularly in litigation; draft all kinds of contracts, including the memorandums and agreements of foundation. We also deal with registration, and acquisition of all types of commercial and industrial licenses, and services, for:

        » Limited Liability Companies .LLC.
        » Private Joint Stock Companies.
        » Public Stock Companies.
        » Joint Venture.
        » Partnership.
        » Stock Companies.
        » Limited Companies.
        » Private Companies.

      • Relationships at work /labor law
        Our vision and experience help us suggest long-term strategies to protect our clients against any potential problems. We give assistance and support while keeping our clients updated with the objectives of our work and guarantee that everything will operate smoothly.
        We inform our clients of all important issues and provide advice and consultations based on our long experience in the interpretation and practice of the labor law in the state of Qatar.

        We represent our clients in all cases of labor conflicts and arbitration. Our services in this regard include:
        » Representation of employers before courts.
        » Dismissal from work and termination of employment contracts.
        » Obligatory agreements.
        » Employees' compensations.
        » Taking immediate procedures in work committees.

      • Litigation
        Our office is recognized as a representative authority for our clients in all litigation. Our ability comes from our understanding of the nature of all courts procedures.
        Our services in this field include Filing and following-up of all lawsuits, and the preparation of litigation papers, pleadings to Appeals Court. In addition, we file appeals before the Court of Cassation.

      • Family Law
        We provide a vast domain of services in the field of family law, including consultations, preparation and discussion of agreements, interposition and litigation.
        We have the skills and experience to help our clients through provisions of consultations and advice in all complications of a case and its settlement in the most effective methods. Our scope of work includes:

        » Marriage contracts.
        » Divorce litigation settlement.
        » Marital conflicts.
        » Settlement of children custody cases.
        » Behests/Wills.
        » Inheritance.

      • Criminal Law
        We help our clients understand and confront the complications of criminal law.
        We are also prepared to give assistance, starting from the initial investigations till the discussion of the court rules, pleading, trial, procedures of cassation and appeal.

      • Arbitration & Success/ Substitute Settlement of Dispute
        Because of the prolonged trial procedures, arbitration can be used as an effective substitute to settle disputes with little official actions. In this regard, our services are outlined as follows:

        » Interposition and unbiased evaluation in the initial stage.
        » Provision of a strategic opinion on the management of claims and settlement of disputes.
        » Support of clients in settlement of most disputes and conflicts through dealing with the third party and collection of liabilities

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    • Copyright 2014 Noor Sarhan, All rights reserved.
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