Arbitration & ADR

The types of disputes we represent our clients include Civil, Commercial, and Criminal. Our extensive experience in commercial disputes extends to both litigation and arbitration. Our team of experienced professionals are able to advise and represent clients on all types of arbitration matters.

Our firm regularly handles disputes involving multiple parties, such as disputes involving commercial and financial contracts, criminal actions, personal injury actions, judicial review requests for administrative actions, debt collection, and employment and industrial relations disputes.

Noora Sarhan Lawyers & Legal Consultants represents a number of regional and international corporations as well as individuals from the first degree to the court of appeals.

Investment & Trading

As international financial markets have adjusted to continuously changing economic, political, and regulatory conditions, the past few years have been among the most challenging in history. We offer clients innovative solutions, often employing complex financing techniques, that lead the industry, through our deep expertise in banking and finance and frequent collaboration with our regulatory, litigation, restructuring and other specialists – particularly important in light of recent market conditions.


It is essential to have a business adviser who brings both a commercial and a market perspective to the table from the outset in today’s fast-paced business environment. We not only focus on pre- and post-transaction aspects, such as planning and post-merger integration, but also strive to ensure a smooth integration process. With a personal touch, we provide practical, proactive advice. Our talented deal-makers will benefit your business regardless of its size, lifecycle stage, or industry.


Globally, commercial disputes are becoming more challenging to resolve. There are a number of factors driving the internationalization of businesses, including changes in regulatory requirements, an increase in corporate scrutiny, and complex cross-border transactions. No matter where they originate, the stakes are high and could have global implications. Risk reduction is a priority for both organizations and individuals. The objective is to resolve matters in a cost-effective and efficient manner when they arise. The importance of experience in reaching this goal cannot be overstated. In established and emerging markets, we provide clients with legal representation at all stages.


Defining litigation as the process of preparing and presenting a case at trial as the centerpiece of our legal system is a broad and encompassing term. Although litigation is most often associated with trials, it also refers to gathering information, negotiating, and settling a case. Businesses and individuals can resolve a wide range of disputes through litigation, including insurance coverage, trademark infringement, personal injury, and contract disputes. Our counsels can guide you through the process and provide you with qualified representation from the initial stages to the court of cassation if you are involved in a legal dispute and believe you may need to file a lawsuit, or if you have been sued.


We have extensive experience providing legal advice and representation to clients facing a wide range of criminal charges. From the beginning of an investigation, we are able to provide you with assistance, including at the Police Station, the Public Prosecution Office and the lower and higher criminal courts in Qatar.

Intellectual Property

The most important intellectual property (IP) and technology needs are addressed by legal advisors for companies such as pharmaceutical innovators, fast-growing Internet and other technology companies, multinational corporations, and early-stage development companies.
Our intellectual property and technology lawyers combine extensive experience with a broad scope of technical expertise to deliver comprehensive service to our clients.
Our legal services include the acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property and technology assets in the following areas:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Sourcing
  • Trade secrets
  • Data privacy and
  • security


From drafting tenders and project documentation to resolving disputes arising out of projects, we advise clients on all their construction-related legal needs. With a client base that includes energy companies, utilities, banks, developers, and contractors, we offer insight into the changing business and legal landscape.

As well as bespoke contracts and ancillary documents, such as financial support arrangements, concession contracts, joint venture agreements, technology supply and license agreements, and operation and maintenance agreements, we prepare and negotiate commercially appropriate, special conditions for all major forms of construction contracts.

Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Our Privacy & Data Protection team can assist you with navigating the complex landscape of compliance. Our expertise lies in helping you find pragmatic, business-oriented solutions. In the event of an enforcement action by authorities, we can provide assistance from the moment a new law is proposed to the point that compliance programs are implemented to privacy disputes and litigation.


From the initial acquisition, development, leasing, joint venture and financing until the final exit, our approach is forward-looking, commercial, and we have a track record of delivering complex deals.

Franchising & Distribution

It is our objective to understand the fundamental elements and dynamics of both franchising and distribution relationships. A franchise or distribution model can and should be structured based on your objectives, such as achieving domestic or international expansion, utilizing franchising or distribution as a new growth channel, or converting an existing corporate business into a franchise. Additionally, we assist with the drafting and negotiation of the core franchise, distribution, and legal documents.

We work on cases with some world-renowned brands, but we are also committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their goals. In addition to providing advice to franchisors and businesses seeking to expand through distribution, we also assist brands, developers, master franchisees, multi-unit/multi-brand franchise operators, and class action lawsuits brought by franchisees. We are passionate about helping you realize the opportunities that franchising and distribution can bring to your business.


We are aware of the pressures that companies, boards of directors, compensation committees, managers, and individual executives face today. Our team of experts will assist you in navigating the myriad of challenges ahead. In most jurisdictions, the greatest challenge is complying with rapidly changing legal requirements. We provide strategic, board-level advice to our clients on important issues related to employment, compensation, and benefits, as well as day-to-day support on complex matters.


Family law covers issues related to family relationships, such as marriage, adoption, divorce, and child custody. In addition to representing clients in family court proceedings, our attorneys are also able to assist in related negotiations. Furthermore, they can prepare critical legal documents such as court petitions and property contracts

Our practice in family law extends to matters such as adoption, paternity, emancipation, and other matters not usually related to divorce. In terms of family, there are so many aspects of life to consider. Thus, our firm assists clients with a wide range of sensitive issues that many people don’t immediately associate with family law.


As the economic environment changes, so do tax regimes. As governments seek to increase or maintain tax revenue levels, corporations, partnerships, and individuals face new and challenging challenges in tax planning and dispute resolution. A globalized economy also creates complex tax issues that require a deep understanding of national tax laws, tax treaties, and information sharing programs.

Competition & Antitrust

We are a multidisciplinary team with an international focus and a creative approach; we provide clients with an extensive range of services and are able to represent them in merger control, cartel and abuse of dominance and monopolization, antitrust disputes including judicial review and private damages, compliance and counselling, sector regulation and market investigations, public procurement and competitive tenders, and state aid.

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